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In Greenland, marijuana is not legal and there are some people who mention that it is tolerated while there are others who oppose. According to law, marijuana and any action related to it such as using it, distributing it by means of export and import, cultivating it and possessing it have legal consequences.

The cops are not really on the look-out for marijuana users. Still, you are better off without having the police on your tail. The police are more focused on their daily duties than to bother with tourists. As long as they don’t suspect you, you don’t need to get too paranoid.

Cannabis is illegal there, as long as you don’t make a nuisance of yourself or arouse suspicion, you can generally do as you please. Because of the climate, and the isolation of the island, it isn’t going to be readily available everywhere, and it is going to be expensive. Look to get a couple joints for your 20 euros unless you get in tight with a good connection who deals in larger quantities.

There are plenty of rural spaces to blaze without fretting over law enforcement, just don’t venture too far onto the ice cap without friends who know the area. Deep crevasses, shifting ice, and getting lost in the cold are all possibilities if you are foolish enough to get stoned in the middle of nowhere alone. Your best time will be found at a private party.

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In remote Greenland, the authorities are fighting a losing battle against what is a thriving trade in the weed. 'The drug is illegal, but it is impossible to fight the massive cannabis trade in Greenland as it involves the whole of society' said Hans Haahr, chief of Greenland's Drug Squad.

The Drug Squad estimates that the trade in cannabis is worth US$ 75 million, which is equivalent to nearly 10% of the annual gross national product. include the economic assistance from Denmark. This makes the cannabis trade Greenland's third largest industry measured in annual turnover

The businessman is involved, according to the police, as they accept drug money and launder it in trading with snow scooters, boats, and stereo equipment. 

Large segments of the population smoke cannabis regularly, while businesses earn millions through money laundering. All social groups smoke cannabis and there are also school teachers who sell cannabis to pupils.


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