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The Uttarakhand government may be set to make the state the first one in the country to legalize cannabis cultivation.

The government has said that farmers across the state except in the Terai and Bhabhar region will be allowed to legally grow hemp after getting a license from the state government, reported Indiatimes

Hemp can be used for industrial purposes like in the manufacturing of fiber.

According to hill post.in, farmers will be allowed to sell the product only to the state government and not to private entities.


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Holy Intoxication

Think of Holi celebrations, bhang seeps into our imagination unconsciously. For ages, the worshippers of Lord Shiva, as well as general revelers, have loved to partake in bhang consumption during Shivratri, and more popularly, Holi. "Bhang is associated with Lord Shiva and has now become synonymous with Holi. Lord Shiva is said to have discovered the transcendental properties of the mixture. In imitation of Shiva, many sadhus use bhang to boost meditation and achieve transcendental states," says Vicky Ratnani, head chef of Aurus.

Despite it being part of our culture historically, it must be said that bhang is, essentially, a drug. "Bhang is a powerful intoxicant that is culled from the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant, also called the Indian hemp. It contains the chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that gives a "high"," explains Sunil Athalye, executive chef at Ramada Plaza. The legality of bhang is ambiguous. Bhang cannot be sold or possessed; "However, consumption would not be an offense as bhang is exempted under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985," explains Vishal Thadani, a lawyer. It is generally accepted that the consumption of bhang is a common practice during Holi—just don’t go around selling any. 

In true Indian spirit, though, bhang is a relatively elaborate preparation of cannabis leaves and buds. Once the leaves and buds are ground to a paste, milk, spices and optionally ghee and sugar are added. Traditionally, bhang is mixed and consumed in different preparations such as than days and pakoras; we have listed easy recipes that use bhang. 



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